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Shuhari Dojo



Budo Taijutsu

Budo Taijutsu, or "Warrior Body Movement" is the most effective way to deal with any situation.  Born on the battlefield, it has been passed down through the millennia from teacher to student.  This combat art combines unarmed techniques, as well as a variety of ancient and modern day training tools.  At the dojo you will:

Learn to hone your awareness & understand stillness

Learn Striking, Grappling, Ground Fighting & Use of Weapons (Old & New)

Learn from Expert Instructors

Enjoy an Affordable Monthly Fee (No Contracts)

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Why Choose Us

 Our instructors and students have been training for decades and many of them are combat veterans and law enforcement officers

Complete Services

Budo Taijutsu is a martial art that focuses on combat.  It is a great tool for self defense that appeals to both kids and adults

​​​​Resistance Training

We learn by training with partners.  Understanding how to use techniques with resistance is the key to our art.

​Expert Instructors

Our Instructors have over 100 years of teaching and training experience and are excited to teach each and every day!

​​​​​Making Buyu

Many who train in the dojo make lifelong friendships from people all over the world. The dojo plans

  trips to Japan every other year.

Make yourself stronger than your excuses.

Ah, excuses. We’re all guilty of making excuses to get out of things we don’t don't understand. The scary thing is that excuses might sometimes appear to be harmless, when the truth is that they’re actually capable of causing so much damage – such as standing in the way of your success, and preventing you from reaching your potential.  You don't have to be in perfect shape. No one will laugh at you.  You are not too old.  It isn't impossible and the right time is now!

Meet Our Team

David Petersmarck

Dai Shihan and Founder

Lance Elchlepp

7th Dan Instructor

Johnny Acevedo

4th Dan Instructor

Amanda Bach

1st Dan Instructor