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Masaaki Hatsumi

Bujinkan Grandmaster

Hatsumi was born in Noda, Chiba on December 2, 1931. While attending the Meiji University, he continued learning judo and eventually rose to the Dan rank. He also began teaching Judo during his time at the university to American soldiers at the nearby Yokota Air Base. After graduating, Hatsumi began to search for a teacher, and began his Kobudo training under Ueno Chosui. When he was 26 he met Ueno's teacher, Toshitsugu Takamatsu. Hatsumi spent fifteen years on Honshu Island learning various ninjutsu styles from Takamatsu.


Takamatsu died in Nara, Japan in 1972 after advancing Hatsumi to Soke and bestowing on him "all the art of the nine schools", and of course the grandmaster's scrolls, three of which he indicated were ancient ninja schools and six samurai jujutsu schools of martial arts.

David Petersmarck

Bujinkan Dai Shihan

Shuhari Dojo Founder

David started training in Isshin-ryu Karate at the age of 14. After joining the military, he studied whatever martial art was offered on base until he discovered Budo Taijutsu.


David first became an Defensive Tactics Instructor while stationed with the U.S. Military in West Berlin, Germany. Over his almost 40 year military and law enforcement career, he has taught federal and civilian law enforcement personnel and security in hand to hand combat, operational shooting tactics, and building entry.


David is a husband and father and enjoys playing basketball with his boys and playing guitar. David continues to travel to Japan to train with Soke and many of the other senior instructors of the Bujinkan.

Lance Elchlepp

Bujinkan Shidoshi

7th Dan Instructor

Lance has trained for almost 30 years in Budo Taijutsu. He was given the title of Shidoshi (Teacher of the Warrior Ways) by the Grandmaster in 2012. Lance is a devoted husband, father, and grandfather. He has taught a variety of self protection courses through the dojo, and is an avid runner and guitar player.

Johnny Acevedo

4th Dan Instructor / Sempai

After training in various martial arts, Johnny came to the dojo looking for a more complete martial art. He has been training for 10 years. Johnny is a member of the US Air Force, a professional photographer, and an avid musician.

Amanda Bach

1st Dan Instructor

Amanda has been training at the dojo for 6 years. A favorite instructor of the kids class, Amanda can be found teaching on Thursday's plain clothes nights. Amanda is studying data science in college, is into fitness and training, and competed in local Kyokushin Martial Arts tournaments.

He has taught a variety of self protection courses through the dojo, and is an avid runner and guitar